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Maintenance Assessment:  The maintenance assessment is paid quarterly.  This assessment covers water and cable.  The assessment is due on the first of January, April, July and October.  A late fee is assessed after the fifteenth of the month in which it is due.  Please contact the Management Office to find out the latest amount of the maintenance assessment.

Cable and Utilities:  Cable service is currently provided by DirecPath to Palm Chase on a community contract.  Individual Unit Owners may acquire cable internet connections by contacting DirecPath.  Electricity is billed separately to the Unit Owners.  Cable and water utilities are paid for by the community through the maintenance assessment.

Trash Collection and Recycling:  Trash is collected on Tuesday and Friday each week.  Each Unit Owner is required to have a covered garbage can in which to place their rubbish.  Recycling is also collected at Palm Chase.  Recycling bins are placed next to the garbage cans for Tuesday morning pickup.  Blue and yellow recycling bins can be acquired from the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County by calling 866-NEW-BINS.  The yellow bins are for paper and cardboard products such as, newspaper, magazines, catalogs, telephone books, corrugated cardboard (flattened and cut to 3' x 3' maximum) and Kraft bags (paper grocery bags).  The blue bins are for plastic containers, glass bottles and jars, aluminum cans, foil, and pie plates, drink boxes and, milk and juice cartons Unit Owners are asked to refrain from putting out their garbage cans and recycling bins until after 4:00 PM on the evening before the collection day.  Unit Owners are also asked to collect their empty cans and bins before sundown on the day of collection.

Basic Rules and Regulations: There is a booklet containing the Palm Chase rules and regulations.  The booklet is part of the condominium documents that are made available to buyers upon contracting to purchase a unit.  Some rules and regulations that may be of interest to perspective buyers are:

Infrastructure:  Palm Chase is composed of 131 buildings containing 350 units (apartments or villas).  In addition, there is a full facility clubhouse, a large swimming pool, hot tub, tennis courts, shuffleboard courts and a basketball court centrally located within walking distance to all the units.  In 2007  and 2008, all the buildings had roofs replaced with the most modern hurricane resistant tiles, and all the buildings were repainted.  Additionally, all the parking lots and practically all the roads received a new layer of macadam.

Appliance Contract:  In order to obtain the most economical benefits in negotiating for repairs on major appliances in the units, an appliance group was formed to contract with an appliance repair company.  Most of the units are represented by this group.  The appliance contract is transferable to new Owners for a nominal fee.  The contract covers all major appliances in the unit including the air conditioner, some plumbing and electrical repairs.

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